It’s been another busy week for Colchester Night Shelter. Another of our longer term Service Users has gone on his merry way to supported housing in Kent – hurrah for joint working!

One of our Volunteers – Alisha Johnston Street climbed the rather high Mount Snowden the other weekend in aid of MacMillan Cancer – if you would like to make a donation – please go to Just Giving and type in her name.

On the subject of Macmillan – we at Colchester Night Shelter are fully in support and are aiming to host a coffee morning on 30th September. We are going to ask our Nightshelter Cookery Club to bake some cakes and our doors will be open to all you lovely people to drop in between 11 and 1 pm for coffee, cake and a look around the Shelter. The more the merrier. So please, do come and join us. Otherwise, Rusel will eat all the cake and then complain he is feeling sick all afternoon and we won’t be able to get a stroke of work out of him!

On another fundraising note – I got up at the rather early time of 6 am on Sunday morning to trot off to Ardleigh Boot Sale to try and shift some items to raise money for the Nightshelter. Unfortunately, I only managed to raise £21. However many thanks to everyone who bought or donated and a big thank you to the gent who gave me £2 because “what the Shelter does is great, but I never want to use it!!”. I am sure that is the sentiment of a lot of people.

Again on the subject of money (I am beginning to sound slightly obsessed with it, this week!). Walking home from work the other night, I overheard someone asking for change – “have you got 20p for the Nightshelter?” I am sure lots of you have been approached by people asking for money, using our name as the excuse. Yes, Service Users have to pay £3.00 per night, but PLEASE don’t give them money. If you want to help, take their name and contact us direct and we will be able to tell you if they are actually staying with us. Unfortunately, there are certain individuals out there who will stoop very low to make some cash and it is very disappointing when this happens.

Finally, off the subject of money! A big Thank You has to go out to Brian – our DIY guy who can!. He blitzed the place last week – we can finally get into the garage without carrying out a mission impossible type routine; we can move more easily around the office as he chopped a desk in half (with a saw, I hasten to add, not his bare hands!), we can all sit comfortably on the new toilet seats he fixed; we feel safe and secure as he mended some locks and all our brushes and mops are tidily put away on mounted wall brackets! What an absolute star.

That’s it for this week so far, but watch this space as things are never quiet at Colchester Night Shelter

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