Following my almost daily appeal for duvets and pillows, we would like to say a big thank you to Christine Wood and Patrick Barr who went out and bought us a big shopping trolley full of them.

These will certainly come in very handy, as we are handing them out at a fast rate. Yes, things are looking up a bit on the accommodation side of things. Thanks to a wonderful private rented landlord we have sent another service user on his merry way, clutching a quilt, pillows, bedding, pans, cutlery and one of those wobbly wooden men we used to see on the conveyor belt on the Generation Game!! (I’m showing my age now! And I’m joking – we don’t really send anyone on their way with a wobbly wooden man).

Today four service users have had interviews with potential landlords, so if things all work out, we will have a stream of people leaving the nightshelter all clutching brand new duvets, etc.

So again, many, many thanks to Christine and Patrick for their very kind donation and please everyone do keep your very generous gifts coming – you would not believe what a difference it makes to be able to assist our service users to begin their new tenancy with just a few basics – it really does make a room into a home.

Again, as always, if there are any landlords out there reading this, please do get in touch, we are quite nice really and very committed to what we are trying to achieve.

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