What a brilliant week!! Sometimes things just work out and last week was one of those weeks!. I was exhausted by Monday. I helped two of our lovely Service Users to move into their own very lovely flats – again clutching lovely new duvets, pillows and the obligatory food parcel. Many thanks to two wonderful private landlords who have entrusted their properties to us. We will not let you down. We are always very careful who we place and where and will not place anyone who we feel would not cope or is not showing the appropriate level of commitment to do well.

Another two of our more short term Service Users found their own place out of Colchester. We always encourage our people to get out there and try to find their own accommodation and because we offer the right support, a lot of them gain the confidence and knowledge to do just that. We are really pleased and wish them all the best in their new place.

And finally, on Wednesday lovely Anglia Care Trust came up trumps for us again and rehoused a gent who had not been long with us, but really needed to be moved on so that he did not have to be outside all day.

Oh, and in among all that, I moved to a new flat too, clutching my old duvet and a few Cup-a-Soups I found in the cupboard of my old flat when I was cleaning it out! I now have muscles Arnie Schwarzeneggar would be jealous of after lugging about a plethora of boxes over the last few days.

We have also had a good old sort out of the wonderful donations we have received recently. Some of them, our Service Users would not be able to use, so we have decided to car boot them, with all proceeds going to the Nightshelter. We will post when and where shortly.

The lovely clogging group Annie’s Fantasies are dancing out on Sunday (or Clog Bombing as we call it). From 12 to 4pm starting at FirstSite and moving on to Castle Park. Please look out for our distinctive red and black outfits and the jangling of bells. All money raised is for the Shelter.

Again, as always if you are a landlord reading this and would like to speak to us about our Keys for Keeps scheme, then please do get in touch.

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