Hello Fellow Shelter Followers

I will have to think of a “snappy” name for those of you lovely people who read our blog – maybe you could send in suggestions and we could have a bit of a competition or vote? Obviously, clean and nice suggestions only, but I am sure you know that already.

I firstly want to thank everybody who has made Harvest Festival donations over the last couple of weeks. There are so many charities in the Colchester area and all very deserving, and your generosity towards us is very much appreciated and valued. Additionally, we have had lots of donations of clothes and duvets recently and again we thank you for your time and thoughts.

We have had quite an exciting time since I last wrote – people have moved onwards and upwards, but unfortunately as is the case in our line of work, people have also been required to move out. It is always a disappointment to me when we have to ask someone to leave and we try very hard to support our Service Users to access longer term accommodation, however we are a short term shelter so unless we have a firm guarantee of someone being rehoused, we cannot allow them to stay longer than 28 days. This is why I am always on the look out for rooms to rent, etc. Please do contact me if you can help out. Especially as the nights are closing in and the weather is getting colder. Not want to tug any heart strings or anything……… (cue violin)

We are also a zero tolerance shelter with regard to drugs and alcohol and anyone found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or in possession of any kind of drugs paraphernalia will be asked to leave immediately and will definitely not be rehoused by us. I am constantly being made aware that people have differing opinions of how we run and I just want to put the record straight on this matter.

On a happier note, we had a visit from the Mayor of Colchester this week and she provided our Service Users with a lovely meal on Tuesday night. She also brought a representative of Tesco with her, who very generously donated some stove top steamers and a slow cooker. Thank you very much to The Mayor and Tesco for their time and donations. The steamers will certainly be of use to the guys who move into their own accommodation in the future. I have a Tesco stove top steamer and you can make a whole meal in them! I’m sure lots of you out there use them too, so if you have any Steamer Meal Ideas, please do send them in!! We will try them out at our Cookery Club sessions on Wednesdays and post the results.

All the best for now and thank you again everyone for your continuing support.

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