Well, what a week. Two more of our lovely residents have flown the nest and found accommodation. One young man found himself a job and a room to rent in a house within the space of two days. It goes to show what’s possible if someone is motivated. He used the facilities at the Nightshelter in exactly the way they should be used – to get back on his feet and get out there!

Our other resident was helped into accommodation by a wonderful organisation – Anglia Care Trust. These guys are great and tremendously helpful.

Both these residents took full advantage of the facilities on offer at the Nightshelter and this is how it should be.

Currently our residents and ex-residents are taking part in a first aid course – there are bandages flying everywhere and we have had to hide the tomato ketchup bottle as they wanted to make it more realistic!! The lounge looks like a scene from a horror movie!

Whilst we are all very happy for our two newest ex-residents this does mean that we are getting low on the basics we like to send them off with, such as pots, pans, cutlery, kettles, pillows, etc so any help anyone can give is very much appreciated.

We have already had two donations this week from two wonderful people of bedding – sheets, etc and we always welcome more.

And, as always, if you are a landlord please do get in touch to talk to us about our Keys for Keeps scheme.

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