Hi Everybody

 A bit of a slow week on the accommodation front, this week. So if you are a landlord and have a room to rent or a bedsit to let, please do get in touch with me as we have a lot of good prospective tenants waiting to be rehoused.

 However, exciting news regarding one of our ex-service users John Bower. He entered the Food Parcel Recipe Challenge organised by Colchester Food Bank and he has been shortlisted to the final 8 of the competition. The winner will be announced at the Free Family Fun Festival in Castle Park on Saturday 10th. The Festival is on from 11am to 4pm and the winner of the Recipe Challenge will be announced at 3.30pm. So please do come on down to support John. I won’t reveal his recipe here – I will let you all know next week. There is lots of other fun to be had at the Festival – a dog show, bouncy castle, etc. Sounds like a great family day out.

 Changing the subject totally, I am still saddened by the amount of begging going on in the Town Centre and beggars using the Nightshelter name as an excuse to take money. If you are approached by someone wanting money for the Nightshelter, please do ask their name – if they refuse to give it to you, or run off, then they are most likely not staying here! However, I do appreciate that challenging someone can be a bit daunting. Unfortunately, it is possibly the only way we are going to get the message out that this behaviour is not acceptable.

 We are counting down to our MacMillan Coffee Morning on 30th September. Please do put the date in your diary as we would be very pleased to see you, feed you cake and show you the facilities at the Shelter. We are aiming to be serving the Cookery Club homemade cakes from 11 am to 1pm, however they will go very quickly!! I am intending to make some of my famous scones (you will see why they are famous when you try to bite into one – bring a spare set of teeth!!)

 That’s it for this week so far. I look forward to hearing from all you lovely landlords out there and also to seeing you all at the Free Family Fun Festival to cheer on John Bower on Saturday.

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