Well, happy Mother’s Day to me. NOT. What a day. I was meant to be visiting my daughter, but my car had other ideas and refused to start. Gregory (his registration starts with GP, so he is named after Gregory Peck!), anyway Gregory has broken his earth cable – probably playing in the car park with the boy racers when I was asleep. The nice man from Green Flag had to tow me to the garage and we have left Gregory there to think about his actions and hopefully get fixed. So as I was not driving anywhere and therefore Daughter was ever so slightly out of visiting reach, I decided to volunteer to prepare the Sunday lunch at the Shelter. I have just peeled a mound of spuds – these guys eat a lot!! I am now currently typing with a large blue plaster on my little finger – I shouldn’t be allowed to play with sharps instruments!
Anyway, as I was ferreting about in the garage looking for suitable veg to prepare and sharp instruments with which to damage myself, I noticed that we are dangerously low on biscuits and cereals. I’m not sure where it’s all gone – well, I can guess – I suppose our guys have munched their way through it all. So I was wondering ……………………. (I know you can guess what I am going to say) If any of you feel like making a donation to the feeding trough which is otherwise known as Colchester Night Shelter, please can we have some biscuits and cereals? You are wonderful people and we love you all dearly………..

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