Hi Guys

Well I could go on about “where has time gone” etc, etc but I’ve done that before so I will just get straight into our news from the last couple of weeks.

At least it’s now February. Congratulations to all of you keeping to any New Years resolutions you may have made. Keep up the good work!

The Night Shelter is chugging along nicely, thank you. We have had people go and people arrive. Our longest staying residents have finally flown the nest into their own place and we are very happy and privileged to have been part of their journey. We are going to keep in touch and hopefully, given time they may come back to us as volunteers. A very special couple of people and we wish them all the best in the future.

Rusel, however, is getting completely out of hand. He arranged for the electricians to install some plug sockets today, but completely forgot they were coming. Not a problem you may think. Unfortunately the place the sockets were to be placed was only accessible through a cupboard which was completely full of computers and linen and then underneath the donations table which was barely able to hold the weight of the donations of clothes on top of it!! Guess who had to sort all this out? Yep! For the best part of the day, I have been hauling linen around, trying to find an alternative home! To be fair to him, Rusel did manage to grace us with his presence for a couple of hours and did manage to fold a pillow case or two so I can’t be too hard on the boy.

The enforced clear out has been very positive and now we have an absolutely marvellously neat and tidy linen cupboard and Rusel has his own cupboard to store all his computer type bits (not sure that all of it is actually any use, but trying to get him to throw any bit of wire out is just too much of an effort!!).

I haven’t yet told you why all this upheaval. Well, Rusel and Sylvia have ganged up on me and want to expand the computer suite, which means I lose my beloved donations table. I’m not sure when this was agreed (I think I went for a doctors appointment once a couple of months back and they plotted against me when I was out of the office – things move fast here).

The upshot of all this is that we now have to be very careful with any donations we accept. At the moment, we are fully stocked and cannot take any more donations of bedding or clothes. We simply don’t have the room. My plea the other month for a storage company to donate a container hasn’t elicited any response as yet and we are ever hopeful, but until then we are very much stuck for space. Please therefore, don’t be insulted if we refuse your donations if you come to the door. It’s not personal! The same goes for clothes at the moment, Until we get a bit more organised we would be grateful if you would consider donating to other organisations in the town. Please do phone us if you need more details.

Have an absolutely marvellous February, but I’m sure you’ll hear from me before the month is out.

As always, big thanks for your support and for taking the time to read my ramblings.


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