Hello¬†Lovely People. Long time no hear from me – I bet you’re all relieved about that! What a hectic couple of months we have had. People have come and gone and more people have come. Unfortunately they’re not going anywhere at the moment as we have a major shortage of move on options and due to recent changes, a lot of external supported housing¬†options for the under 25’s has simply disappeared. Obviously, not the actual buildings – we’re not living in a time warp or anything, but the funding has been directed elsewhere. This has caused a bit of a back log and a lot of confusion as to what to do with our Tiggers as we affectionately call them (because they bounce around a lot – an awful lot, usually when we are trying to do some work!!)

The thing is, most of our residents are desperate to work. Yes, I know! They’re in a bit of a catch 22 situation whilst here, tho’ due to the way our Service Charges are funded, so if they work, they have more to pay here and therefore wouldn’t be able to save a deposit for their own place. Catch 22, vicious circle, call it what you will – it’s not a very good situation to be in.

We are desperate too. (Honestly, your minds). We are in need of accommodation for residents who are ready to move on. A shared house would be ideal. Then the lovely Rusel could have what he has always dreamed of – his own office based in the house(he has ideas of grandeur – we have to keep stomping on his feet to keep him on the ground) and we could then support the residents into independence and work! Ah, what Utopia that would be.

I know that you are desperate too – to help us! If you know of anyone who is willing to work with us to provide move on accommodation for our residents, then please do pass on our details. We can provide references from landlords we currently work with to tell you how wonderful we are.


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