It is with much excitement and a certain amount of sadness that we have waved farewell to one of our residents today. We have been successful in securing him a lovely studio flat, thanks to a brilliant local landlord.We packed him off with bedding, towels, a kettle, toaster some mugs and plates, cutlery and a nice throw for his arm chair. Unfortunately, we couldn’t give him any pans, nor even a tin opener as we didn’t have any in storage.

It is  great to be able to be a part of assisting in the resettlement of someone who has been homeless for a while. It is not easy being a resident at the Nightshelter – the long days having of being out and about from 9am to 7pm can really take its’ toll on someone not used to the lifestyle and a lot of our residents are homeless through no fault of their own – relationship breakdown being a major contributing factor.

So we are always really pleased when we can help someone move into their new home with the basic comforts any one of us would take for granted – pots, pans, a kettle, new duvet and bedding, etc and we are always very grateful for any donations the lovely people of Colchester and beyond can spare and of course, we are ALWAYS looking for landlords who have property in the Colchester area who are willing to work with us to accommodate our residents.

If you have any donations, want to know more about our resettlement programme or would like to volunteer, please call us on Colchester 01206 549885

Thank you

Lynn Meadow


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