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Registered Charity No. 803328. Company Limited by Guarantee – Company No.2475258

The present Night Shelter, which has room for 20 men and women and is wholly owned by the charity, was purchased from Colchester Borough Council using funding from the National Lottery. If you are homeless and have nowhere to stay then you are more than welcome: provided you are happy to stick to the house rules. We open at 7.15 pm every evening and provided we have space then we will be able to accommodate you. If you need a bed at the Night Shelter please phone to find out if we  have any available. The same applies if you want to refer anyone. As for services and rules please ask a member of staff when you call. A big thank you to our supporters, volunteers and funders for making the Night Shelter possible.

“The Night Shelter has helped me through so much, the staff have been brilliant with support in getting help with Alcohol. There is a group run every week to help with this, I came here not knowing very much, I’ve made some good friends, and there are groups run in the Shelter which help with getting work and other things. With the help of the Shelter/Staff I see myself to have a positive future.”


Resident, Colchester Night Shelter

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